Hi, I’m Reformer.
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Hi, I’m Reformer.

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The summary for airlock said to introduce ourselves and didn’t mention whether it matter’s if we’re on the dev team or not, so here I am. I’m just a gamer boi who’s interested in the fact there’s a forum for this awesome mod, even if most people are just using the discord. I’ve been playing on my brother’s computer but am building my own right now and will be making videos soon so please look forward to that. I’ve done some squad leading and hope to get comfortable enough to start being a commander at some point. Since this forum exists, I’m going to start trying to pull people from the servers over here to this forum, as I would love to see more interest in this mod.

Ain’t nobody got time fo that!

Topic starter Posted : 11/01/2021 2:54 pm
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